Practice valuation algorithm

The mandatory questions are marked by an asterisk (*), but we encouraged you to complete the entire form to obtain a more accurate valuation.

   1  What is the practice's yearly revenue GST inclusive ? *  

Your annual accounts will be GST exclusive. An estimate is fine, but the more accurate you are, the more accurate the valuation result.

   2  What is the owner(s) yearly revenue GST inclusive ?  

This can have a material effect depending on the sales model : corporate versus private buyer.

   3  What is the clinician mix of your practice ?  

Please find the closest match to your practice. We need to have an idea of EFT (effective full-time equivalent) clinical staff. One EFT is equivalent to 30 hours of clinical time a week.

   4  What would best describe the type of care you provide ?  

Different practice types attract different buyers with different budgets.

Lots of toothaches and broken teeth. RCT and extractions, but not large numbers of crown and bridge patients.

Strong recall book, crown work on certain patients, restore implants, plus or minus hygiene therapist.

Strong recall book, comprehensive care promoted and accepted, full arch rehab, plus or minus onsite implant placement.

Comprehensive care promoted and accepted, full arch rehab, plus or minus onsite implant placement and/or orthodontics.

   5  What level of support staff does the practice run ?  

Over paid under-worked team.

Dental assistant hours tightly matched to clinician hours, one front of house for 22 patients a day.

Team work hard just to get through, day temps often needed.

   6  How long would you stay on working following the sale ? *  


   7  Personnal information